erasing files emptied w/o Eraser??


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I just downloaded Eraser. While using Eraser is pretty straight-forward I have a question about how to delete previous files completely that I didn't delete with Eraser but just deleted using "Empty Recycle Bin."

I need to get these previously semi-erased files off my hard drive, but seems a bit confusing...

Thanks in advance,
Run eraser as an administrator, then do an Unused Space erase.
Thanks so much buddy.

This is what I did: FILE -> NEW TASK; then under "Unused space on drive" I selected "C:\" and clicked "OK"; it was now under my list of tasks so I did TASK -> RUN. This is what you meant right? Also, What did you mean by running as admin? If everything gets deleted fine then I don't have to worry about running as admin right? I'm confused about this admin thing because it seemed to have completed okay without running as admin.

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Oh wait, I assumed you were using Vista. You obviously aren't. It's okay.