Erasing files within a folder only

Paranam Kid

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I am new to Eraser. I tried to see if my question has been posted already but did not find it.

I have a parent folder with both files (xlsx, png, pdf, ....) in it and subfolders with their own files. If, when selecting data to be erased, I browse to the parent folder, then choose "Files in Folder" in the Target Type and run Eraser, it deletes the files in the parent folder as well as the subfolders with their files.

Is there a setting so that only files in a parent folder get deleted, and subfolders with their files get left untouched? That way it should also be possible to choose the files in the subfolder to be erased only, with the parent folder and its files left untouched.

I want to use this for a Scheduled recurring task.

Update: I found the User Guide, and from that gleaned that I should use "Exclude Mask". In that field I can put the path to the subfolder I want to keep. As an example of an Exclude Mask path: C:\Users\Paranam\Test\subtest, where "subtest" is the subfolder to be retained. Running Eraser it worked for the 1st time, but not the 2nd time round :-(
So is this a bug?
And what if I have 2 or more subfolders I want to retain: what should I put in the Exclude Mask field?
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