Erasing files


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Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this though. I just have a question with regards to accidentally erasing files. Unfortunately, I erased a very very important file, it's an annual report for the company and what makes things worse is it has no back up. I've read from one source that there's still a way to retrieve deleted files even if the recycle bin has already been emptied...but I have no idea what kind of software to use. Do you think there's still really a chance? Can anyone recommend??

I know my boss will really really get frustrated about this, and I can't afford to be terminated just like that. :cry:
Questions like this really belong in the Eraser Support forum (if anywhere on this site, though we're here to help if we can).

I'm guessing that you haven't actually erased the file (i.e. you deleted it to the Recycle Bin and emptied that). If that's what you did, stop using your computer now (to avoid the risk of overwriting your deleted files). There are dozens of file recovery utilities out there, but the one I use is Recuva, which is free and has the advantage that it has a portable version, that you can unzip to a memory stick and run from there (details are on the Recuva site). If you use another machine to download and unzip the Recuva program and then run it from the memory stick rather than your hard drive, you again reduce the risk of overwriting your file.

Recuva will scan your drive for recoverable files, and, if your luck holds, will be able to recover the deleted file. Obviously, if you have more queries, they should be posted on the Recuva forum (or the forum of whatever recovery software you are using).

If my original assumption is wrong and you used, say, Eraser to remove the files, I am afraid that they are gone for good. That is actually the idea of Eraser.

Good luck