erasing free space


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Being paranoid of software that can erase all of the free space on my drive (for fear it will make a mistake and overwrite important files), I thought I would just create a directory containing enough files to consume all the free space on my drive. So I created a directory, copy a bunch of files to it until my drive showed, literally, zero free space, then erased the directory.

Then I ran a file-recovery tool that recovers deleted file, and it listed tons of files. If all my free space was erased, why can my file recovery tool still see these files?

Eraser overwrites the free space and then copies a randomly selected DLL from Windows and overwrites again. This is to provide limited plausible deniability for the user. The copied DLL’s is probably what you are recovering.

Do you have clear MFT Table enabled and also directory entries in the erasing options ?