Erasing in Firefox 3


As I understand it, bookmarks & history are now stored in same file in FF 3 (places.sqlite). Correct me if wrong.

If so, how do you use Eraser to erase the history but not bookmarks? FF can delete this private data, but not securely, and it has its problems anyway.

You'll have to back up your bookmarks and restore them, I'm afraid. We can't issue DROP TABLE or whatever kinds of SQL requests as that will be a deallocation of clusters without a sanitation of the cluster.

Thanks Joel,

Best I can tell (others please verify for yourself), in FF 3 when you back up bookmarks via FF menu options, it backs up only the bookmarks out of the places.sqlite file to a "bookmarks***.json" file, and doesn't BU the browsing history in the places.sqlite file.

For those interested, there is a Firefox (3) extension, "SQLITE MANAGER" that views .sqlite files. There are also numerous .json file viewers.
You could back up to a json file outside the Firefox Profiles directory. Json's are just text files written in JavaScript (i.e a json file is a valid JavaScript File) so you could open up any text editor and read the json. Yes, then you can wipe the sqlite file.

Thanks Joel,

Didn't know .json files could be read w/ text editors.

What you mentioned seems like a simple way to go. I'm curious (rhetorical question) why Moz decided to combine the bookmarks & history in one file, even though they give a way to "delete private" including history, albeit not securely.