erasing my dell m1330


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hi, im new here and I have a few questions. first off, can dban damage my computer harddrive

2. what version of dban should I use

3. im erasing everything so will I have to get a upgrade version of vista or can I use the recovery with no problem.

4. and lastly, what are some of the most common problems with erasing computers.

sorry for all the questions but thanks. :D
Hi Richard

Sorry that you haven't had any response as yet. Can I suggest that you ask your questions over at the official DBAN forum which is

I'm going to suggest to the moderators that they lock this particular forum to new posts and provide a visible link to the official DBAN forum. The creator of DBAN has recently said that he keeps an eye on this particular forum but prefers to answer all queries over at his own forum (ie I don't think he's going to answer them here). I've helped out in the past at this forum but I'm not really in a position to do so anymore plus DBAN isn't bundled with newer versions of Eraser from what I can see so this forum is somewhat defunct and queries just won't be getting answered, leaving users feeling as if their request for help is being ignored.

The forum could still remain as there is a wealth of information here, but I think it's fairer on people such as yourself if you are directed to the official forum rather than waiting for an answer that isn't likely to come.