Erasing not working quite well


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when I'm trying to erase a full "Drive/Partition" I'm able to recover data and running into this error(something like "A non-existant Device has been specified":

When I check the file explorer the HDD is there, but must be formatted again to have access. When doing the same procedure but instead with "unused disk space" I get the warning that there has been a recovery partition or shadow copied volume. I then am not able to recover the full files and filestructure of the HDD but still can restore alot of RAW Data. Both times I used the Schneier algorithm. Is there an optimal way to eradicate every bit of data on the HDD and make it non-restorable?
Using Windows 10, most recent Eraser version, SATA HDD connected via USB.

Update: Pseudorandom Data on unused disk space just deactivated all my USB devices and hence stopped the erasing process
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This seems like a hardware issue or windows update. Have you applied the latest windows updates first?
What happens when you remove some external drives?