Erasing old files - nothing happens


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I am trying to erase a whole zillion of jpgs on my laptop - on a drive that has not been accessed for months and months.
At first things went ok and the files were erased, but after a while everything stopped working.
Firstly, the file names are in blue - which is not something I understand.
Now when erasing, using either rightclick or drag and drop, I get either "with errors" or "task completed" and the files are still there.

If you can believe this I dont know where to go to find the eraser log to see if I can understand anything from that.
This is on XP with build 6.08
Please start by reading "Getting to know Eraser 6" in the FAQ. This tells you what you need to know, including how to read the log. I'd like to know what errors you are getting, particularly as this is an XP machine, so the problems we most commonly get with Vista and Win7 do not apply. When you reply please could you confirm that the user account you are using has admin. privileges. If there is only the one account, that would be the default under XP.

Filenames in blue/green are indicative of NTFS-compressed/encrypted files. Eraser cannot deal with such files, you need to permanently delete them and do an unused space erase on the drive.