Erasing OS Harddrive


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I would like to erase the data on just one of the several harddrives installed on my computer. The hd I want to erase has the OS (winxp pro) on it. How would you go about doing this?

Several questions I have....
Does DBAN detect and erase all harddrives on a system without any user input? If I run DBAN could I just select a particular harddrive to erase?

I think the best option for me is to format the entire drive and reinstall xp pro, and then erase the unused disk space. Is there a better/more secure method for erasing the data only on this harddrive? Any help would be greatly appeciated.
DBan will allow you to pick what drives or partitions you wish to erase. By default, it requires user interaction/choices before it will wipe anything.

The best option would be, use dban to wipe the drive you want, then re-install XP