Erasing p2p and video


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I'm new to this but my family computer needs a real up. What happens to downloaded video and will Eraser take care of it. Also I have removed Kazaar Lite (God knows what my son has downloaded) does Eraser take care of anything downloaded. Lastly can you recommend a good family filter. Thankyou
From what you describe your PC probably might have Trojans etc on it as well.

If you have the System recovery disks you might be better just wiping it clean with DBAN and starting again.

>>Lastly can you recommend a good family filter?
For incoming emails you can checkout our new product see This will work as a gateway too so if you have a family network it can filter all the inbound mails into the household.

For general surfing filters: I have looked at a few of these and found them all to be useless, as in, not teenager proof.

you should not have to completely reinstall your system. yes eraser can delete any file you set it to delete except protected system files.
but you should d/l spybot search and destroy,update it run it.d/l ad-ware do the same. there free and will remove the spyware crap left by kazaa .
next to be sure your free of problems try these links
free trojin scan
panda scan
housecall ... t_corp.asp
nrav av
virus scan
avast cleaning tool
mcafee avert stinger
scans for open trojin ports
test my sheilds grc
dsl port scan
pest patrol scan mediocre
security scan ... 6f283c63b7

have a nice day