Erasing RAID 0


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When wiping a RAID 0 array, do I need to gage the wipe time by the total size or by the size of one physical disk?

We need to do a three pass wipe on 2.4TB of total disk space which would take apprx. 80 hours. However, the array is made up of 15 160GB disks.

Our hope is that the eraser will right to each disk simaltaneously which will reduce the wipe time to approx 5.5 hours.

Has anyone here erased a RAID array?
You are talking about a free space wipe right? I use Windows XP Home SP3 on 2 120 Gig HDs configured in Raid 0. When you wipe one disk eraser will give you a count in minutes how long it will take to wipe the disk. Since your array is composed of 15 disks, I would say a rough guess would be 15 times what the first disk took. As far as doing the 15 disks simaltaneously...I don't think so.
Having multiple disks theoretically allows for a higher data throughput. So even though disk are not wiped simultaneously by the program, the program will be able to write data to disk faster (5x faster because of more disks receiving the data) so the end result should be the same.