Erasing report similiar to 5.x version


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I've read this topic, but i think that my problem is simplier. Maybe it's the same. Where can i get nfo about performed task, how it was in 5.x version:


P.S. By the way, sorry for troubling (i'm new here & in using this software too). I did not find these options in 6.0.8:



Does it mean, that if there's no such properties, they are made by default?
There is currently no erasing report, as there was in Eraser 5, only error reports. I too would like to see something more like the Eraser 5 reports (though it would be in the log, not in a modal dialog).

The option to erase cluster tips is set in the Add Data Dialog when you create the free space erase task in the Schedule. The option is set by default. The same applies to a containing directory when you are creating a task to erase files in that directory.

Eraser 6 always deals with alternate data streams; I never saw the purpose of the option in Eraser 5.

With few exceptions, Eraser 6 does all that Eraser 5 did, but task creation is handled in a different (and IMO more logical) manner. I suggest that you go to the FAQ via the link in my signature and read the topic 'Getting to know Eraser 6', which explains things in a bit more detail.

“though it would be in the log, not in a modal dialog” — sure, i understand. Quite probably, that log is the most proper variant. We'll wait. Thx for the explanations & fast reaction, good luck.

P.S. (offtop) Sorry for my grammar. I think, most of users here write in international-english manner, but i prefer & respect british-english, so it's more shameable to write a man from UK :)
Don't worry about grammar. I have a degree in languages, and I don't. So long as we understand each other, as, in this case, we do, that's fine.

Multiple sirens must go off whenever David reads my posts :D

This also reminds me of an anecdote a friend told me (he's doing English Literature in university) about how rules do not matter so long the one seeking understanding is understood... but that's offtopic.

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