Erasing Rycle Bin Problem


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I am a new user v 5.86
I right click Recycle Bin
click any Erase Recycle Bin option
get error message "Recycle Bin Empty"
It's not
are you running as an administrator? a limited user might see this problem.

if so post some screen shots of the error message and your recycle bin showing what is inside.
I had this problem a couple of years ago, I dragged the file to the desk top and erased it then the next file I deleted to the recycle bin registered correctly with Eraser. You could also try un installing Eraser deleting the heidi folder in the registry then re installing Eraser. Eraser 6 shouldn't need this procedure however. This is because of the way Eraser follows Windows convention when erasing the recycle bin (erasing only files belonging to your current user account).
Thank you. Moved the few files in Recycle Bin that I wanted erased to the desktop and successfully erased them, deleted remaining files in RB. Now RB erase commands work .