Erasing sandisk cruzer USB


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Dear Eraser people,

I am the owner of a sandisk cruzer (8GB) USB stick. I am going to hand this stick to a friend of mine, but I don't want him, or whoever is getting the USB nex, to see what was on it. I have used this stick for work, and it may contain personal information about customers (note: may, I have no idea who used this stick before me).

So, I want to completely wipe everything off this stick. I have read most of your FAQ topics and I was ready to perform a wipe. But then I read: this thread. Now, I have absolutely no idea how USB sticks work or wheter mine is magnetic or not.. I am no expert or whatever, I just want to make sure no one can access previous data of this stick.

So my first question would be :
How do I wipe the disk (erase everything on it, including previous data) as a complete "noob" on this subject.

My second question is;

When I try to perform a wipe (I selected which folder to erase, which was I:/ ) and I start the wiping. Eraser crashes (with a regular Windows "Eraser stopped working" window).

I did try to start Eraser as admin, same outcome though.

I hope someone can help me. I will appreciate it!