Erasing shortcuts


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Is it correct that Eraser v6 is not able to erase shortcuts? :?:

After having removed v5 from my WinXP pc I have installed the latest release and to test it out I have selected "Erase" from the context menu of the Eraser's shortcut on my Desktop... 8)
It wasn't able to do that because into the task list the file to be deleted was the eraser.exe (which, of course, was in use!!) and not the shortcut!

Was it the same on v5 too? ...actually I do not remember...

Addendum... I have moved the shortcut to the recycle bin and then erased it, this time the task has completed without errors...

I think that's the way Windows deals with shortcuts. We query the shell for the list of files selected in the current folder and we erase the paths that Windows returns us. OK, please create a ticket for this in Trac for me to investigate in future.
This has been fixed in r2225.