Erasing single file results in File locked dialogue


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When I try to erase a single file it will bring up the file is locked box, however if I select multiple files it works as expected. Also sometimes erase move will work but not always. The problem doesn't occur with every file but I can't see anything that differentiates the ones that work. The issue didn't seem to be present from the start so its quite possibly something I've done.

I'm using XP SP2 x64 and Eraser 5.84.
Actually I noticed a common denominator for the files that work any .exe file seems to work fine.

Any other type or even files without an extension are locked when I erase them alone but work fine when deleted with another file.

A couple of other observations and clarifications.

This only happens when using the context menu using the actual program works fine.

Eraser Secure Move also works as expected.

Erasing from the Desktop seems to work, which is to say a file that brings up the locked dialogue moved to the desktop will then successfully erase.

Fully Loading my processor also fixes this problem, that means running client or prime95 allows for normal functionality. I have a quad core processor the above programs use all of the cores and seem to fix the problem completely. Using the older version of prime 95 and utilising less of the cores its only when all but 1 core is utilised that the problem clears completely though it is lessened when 2 cores are used.

I have no idea why the special cases work, exe and the desktop, but the processor thing suggests some kind of deadlock. Hopefully this all makes some small amount of sense to people familiar with the code.
This seems like a AV issue. What anti-virus/Spyware apps are you using?

When you access the file something else is also doing the same for say scanning.

Nothings running I have outpost firewall installed but I go to some lengths to remove its stupid spyware scanning. Other than outpost I have very little running, though I haven't tested in safe mode.

I should point out the files aren't locked (I can delete them normally) also searching for their file name using process explorer reveals nothing with an open handle to them.

I figured as I've only noticed this since getting the new multi core processor that it might be eraser locking the file itself (though I wasn't using x64 then either), its the only explanation that fits, though why exes and the desktop are exempt is beyond me.

Sorry if this is no help, no one else seems to be experiencing this so hopefully its just a quirk of my setup. Oh and thanks for keeping Eraser going, its nice to have a program that works and doesn't get filled to the gills with bloat, like outpost.
mmm bit of a weird problem as I have tested it on a quad core box Vista 64 etc. The issue is most probably to do with some software on your machine.

I've also had a couple of msgboxes mentioning Eraserl crashing or something. (You'd think I'd know to write it down)

The last one happened just after login which confused me a bit as I didn't think it would be running at that point.
I found the source of the problem, SPTD, specifically version 1.50. when its uninstalled I have no issues I didn't do a great deal of testing but it seems to be it.

I have no idea about the rather bizarre nature of the interaction or why it should exist at all, maybe theres something else to it but hopefully the info will be of use to someone.
Hi Rein :)

Well done on your discovery !

Thank you for taking the time to write back to let others know the cause of the problem. I am sure your findings will help someone else.