erasing unused disc space

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Every time a run this, I get an error message saying that Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and has to shut down. What can I do to run the program completely?
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Could you try to run a free-space wipe whilst in safe mode for me and then come back and let me know how you got on ?

Hi davidmpratt

I wonder if you could perhaps give us some more clues as to your exact situation please ?

It is really hard to guess what is going wrong when you don’t want to share your OS details, running programs details, the exact problem you are having etc.

Windows Explorer or Eraser? Get it clear. People ALWAYS mix the two up. If Explorer crashes there's nothing we can do about it. Really. Eraser doesn't modify the address space of Explorer, if Explorer crashes when Eraser runs, it is as random as any other program running and explorer crashes (and we know Explorer crashes randomly...)

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