Erasing unused space issue?


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Eraser work very well in deleting files. :D
I m using Eraser since a year.
:cry: But I experienced 2 crash (with reinstallation and all the shit) in a year, each time after using erasing free space with 1 Pass PRD.
I m a very clean and organized Windows user, in this case I m not the idiot beween the chair and the keyboard.
Using scandisk after unwanted datas deletion (in free space deletion mode) get the problem worse and make the crash unrecoverable.

If the problem dont come from eraser,the next suspect it s my botherboard ide controler.

P.S : the two crash appened with 2 differents ide hd with 6 month between each crash.

Thanks you for making this software better an better.
Are you using v5.7? Does this happen if you disable file name erasing when overwriting the unused disk space? If it does, then it sounds like a problem with your hardware, or the operating system. Eraser creates a fairly big I/O load when overwriting the unused disk space, which may trigger this kind of problems.