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using XP home with 2 x internal and 1 external HD, just started using Eraser, when I use the program to erase unused space, I get error reports, either
'Error: Failed to erase/remove file names or remove a temporary directory'
or Failed:\drive letter\ERAFSWD.TMP\followed by a list of numbers and letters,'
what am I doing wrong? all advice gratefully accepted, thanks
Hi connrail :)

I assume you are using Eraser 5.84.

Can you just do a quick test for me please ? You need to start your computer in safe mode and then perform a free space wipe. Just do it on the local disk C for now.

Let me know if it works, if not don’t worry there are many other things we can try !
thanks Overwriter, I will try that and let you know, the readme file says I am using Eraser 5.82 (December 26th 2006)
Uninstall 5.82 and download and install 5.84 before you bother to test anything else !
downloading the 32 bit option, I did download the 64 bit option because I thought my pentium 4 was 64 bit but when trying to install it told me it wasn't, will load and run it and get back in touch,
Hi Overwriter, Just ran v5.84 on C drive, still got
Failed: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users, it is a long list, too long to post, all suggestions gratefully accepted, thanks
Hi connrail

Hmm… I am just wondering if the file names for the files that won’t delete are too long.

I know this may seem strange but would you mind uninstalling 5.84 and install 5.7 ? I know it would seem strange to use an older version of software but 5.7 doesn’t seem to have this problem. This is all guesswork though and I may be wrong.

Could you actually post at least on of the files that won’t delete here please just so I can get an idea of its actual length, thanks.

Did you try the safe mode test ?
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