Erasing via network: What about filenames?


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I would like to erase files stored on an XFS partition that I access via network (as a Samba share). As far as I know, XFS overwrites in-place (I am not absolutely sure though), so I am optimistic that erasing the file content will work. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) However, I am concerned about the filenames.
What exactly does Eraser do to wipe filename information? What are the chances for the filenames to be erased in my setup? Also, is it necessary to erase the containing directory as well in order to erase the name of a file? I only care about the basename of the file, not the complete path.
Eraser is really designed to work only with NTFS or FAT formatted drives, but will work with systems (e.g. RAID arrays) that mimic those file systems. With NTFS, it is usually necessary to remove the containing folder to remove all traces of the file name; Eraser does of course also overwrite the file table entry.

I have never tried to use Eraser across any form of file share, particularly one relating to a non-Windows file system. All I can advise is that Eraser will only work if it can see a file system it recognises, and even then the results on the actual media may be unpredictable.

I'm not sure if Eraser will erase the file in the first place, as it does check to see that the drive being erased on has a file system it recognises.

Assuming Eraser does, it will rename the file a few times (7, if memory serves) with random filenames before deleting it, that works for Windows. I'm not sure if XFS will react in the same way.