Erasing Windows Disk Cache In Eraser v6xx


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Previous versions of Eraser allowed an option for the automatic clearing of the Windows disk cache, or paging file, at system shut down. Either this option was removed, or it has been made less intuitive in version 6.x.

I was wondering if the option to clear/overwrite the Windows system cache files still exists through a command line, or sub-menu within Eraser v6.x? If not, how would an task event be configured to provide that functionality within the current version's parameters.

As an aside, the page/cache clearing function was my favorite features of previous Eraser iterations. If it is no longer a coded function, consideration should be given to including the functionality in a future version.
That feature messes with Windows when used together with a networked (AD/group policy) environment.

That's a Windows system policy. I've deliberately not implemented it because it's in reality a Windows system configuration. That one build might have it, but for the record I'm really intending to remove it, because in corporate environments that is something admins might have set.

Not to mention limited user accounts have no access over the setting.