Erasing with errors continuning after running as admin


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Thank you very much for pointing me to your FAQs but it does not solve my problem. Here is what I am doing. I am deleting things to the recycle bin. I used to right click on the recycle bin icon and then erase and it would erase without trouble. I tried your advice and right clicked on the erasor icon, did the run as administrator thing and then right clicked on the recycle bin icon again and carried out the erase schedule and still got the same message.

Can I please have some advice. What is going on. Is the completion ridding the data despite the "errors", what are these errors and how do I solve them. With the greatest of respect the FAQs tell me veyt little. I would appreciate some clear, straightforward advice on this :(
Please read the FAQ post 'Getting to Know Eraser 6'. This tells you both how to run Eraser as Administrator and how to read the Task Log. If you still have problems, please tell us what errors are in the Task Log.