Erasr 6 : Adding a Pseudorandom Erasure Task


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Hi ,

I am a Application Packager and i have a requirement to add task to erase "Temporary Internet Files", and the task should run in every user profiles after the application is installed.I have manage to add task by command "addtask -m=bf8ba267-231a-4085-9bf9-204de65a6641 -q -s=restart -d=" %userprofiles%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files" via vbscript but the Erasure method is set to default. kindly let me know how can i set it to “Pseudorandom Data (1pass)”

Please help me with the above issue.

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Good catch. The command line does not respect the method GUID when specified on the command line. I've opened Trac Ticket #443.
Thanks for your support .

So now is it possible to set the erasure task to "“Pseudorandom Data (1pass)” through a command line or i'll have to wait till the Trac Ticket #443. is resolved :)
I'd fix it in the coming days; if the fix is urgent you can try a nightly build on our downloads page (I'll state the build to use in the ticket when it's fixed)

Regular nightly build warnings apply.
Strange, I'm running build (see our nightly builds) and I can't reproduce the problem now... can you check if it's solved?
Hi Team,

We can now set “Pseudorandom Data (1pass)” method via command line. Thanks for the support.

We have a further requiremnt of setting the same task to run on every restart.can this be possible via command line?

Ah, that's a problem. The run-on-restart tasks now only work for one-time restart tasks.

You might be able to get away with creating a new task via command line and task scheduler.