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I recently download your program call ereaser for deleting unwanted program. each time that I use Ereaser to erease to erease a program. It work fine till it try to erease the filefrom the directory after 10 try it stop and give me and error message that it con`t clean the directory the error that I get is "error: failed to clean directory entries from drive C:\ gave up after seveal attemple" other wise I do like how the program work.
If someone out there can help me fix the problum I would appreciate that very much. I hope that you have the time to E-mail me back .
My E-mail is
Tike care and have a nice day.
Senerely Your
Perhaps the directory/file is in use?
Perhaps they are system directory/files?

If not any of the above, it might be worth running a Scandisk or Chkdsk.