Error 0xc0000409


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Hello, do you know why, when cleaning cluster tips and after few hours, the following message appear: application program error. unknown software exception error(0xc0000409) at location (0x10019e34); and eraser shut down? Thanks.

PS i am using WXP and Eraser version 5.8
Thanks Carver

I use the Gutman method with entropy polling unchecked. But when i erase the free disk space only, i have no problems.
Hello Carver, i do not use Pseudorandom Data at all and no my HD is not compressed. Thanks
Try running chkdsk

from the command prompt run
chkdsk c: /f

and repeat for each drive letter on your system.
Then reboot.

What is wrong is either you have some disk issues or another application blocks eraser.