Error:End of File (EOF)


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I use the Eraser since 1 month and I think he is much more better thank normally trash bin from Windows.
So my problem is when I erase many files or maybe a complete folder then I get this Error: End of File (EOF). And he show me the file he didn´t erase.

I have Windows XP.

I have the same problem. It happens on multiple partitions (all are NTFS Basic-Disk Primary partitions on EIDE) on Windows XP Professional (with SP2 and latest updates as of 6-26-2008)

These particular files are compressed (NTFS compression) and the compression flag is set on the parent directory.

Eraser Versions 5.6, 5.7 and 5.86a were tried...all exhibited the same issue.

The problem exists with Antivirus enabled and disabled

The machine is a Dell D810 Laptop

Other secure delete tools (like open-source SHRED.EXE running inside Cygwin) work without issue, EXCEPT (for whatever reason) also the built in "Shred" tool that is bundled in the Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) Professional Download Manager. Both Eraser and this DAP tool don't securely delete. The difference is Eraser will fail to remove the files with the following error:

<< Begin Error Message>>
Erased area = 8400 kB
Cluster tips = 0 bytes

Data written = 16800 kB
Write time = 4.91 s
Write speed = 3425 kB/s

Error: Reached the end of the file.
Error: Reached the end of the file.
Failed: C:\Download\News\Foxit Reader Pro v2.3\file_id.diz
Failed: C:\Download\News\Foxit Reader Pro v2.3\np-fxrp2\Foxit.Reader.Pro.v2.3.2008.2825\url.txt
<<End Error Message>>

The DAP Shred tool simply deletes the file without performing any overwrite of the data (this was confirmed with WinHex and 010Editor by opening the device and going to the disk block...the data was still there and recoverable...note: this is a DAP problem, not an Eraser problem, but I list it here as it might be symptomatic of some related issue and might help us track down the problem Eraser is having...which is, it is not overwriting and removing all files - it will get some, but not all)

I suspect Long-File-Names or long paths with exotic characters might be an issue, but I haven't tested this. Also, I used Sysinternals Process Explorer to confirm there were no Open File Handles to the files or the directory.

This has the potential to be such a great product, and I really appreciate the developers work for the community. Thanks in advance.