Error in Eraser 5.8.8


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I apologize for my English, I used automatic translation Google.
In Erase 5.8.8 I found a bug: the option "Hide main window when minimized" (Edit> Preferences> General> Scheduler> Appearance> Hide main window when minimized) does not work.
In detail:
When the option "No taskbar tray icon", child yelement "Hide main window when minimized" can not be selected, it becomes hidden (should be the opposite.)

In version 5.8.2 - everything works.
Question to the developers Erase 5.8: can we fix it?
Thank you.
admin said:
Have you tried installing the latest version: ?

Not sure the cause of your error as it seems to be OS specific.

I prefer version 5.8.8 5/5.8.8/ ,
because it cleans better MFT, I discovered this on personal experience. After working Eraser 6.0.10 i was able to recover traces of deleted files, such as files zero size with random dates and attributes. With the FAT also had problems because Eraser 6 can not get a low-level access to the drive (maybe I'm wrong.) After working Eraser 5.8.8 is not possible to recover anything at all! I am sure that in the future, Eraser 6 will be corrected these shortcomings, but at this time I trust more Eraser 5.8.8. So I ask (if possible) to correct the errors described above, for more convenient use of the program. This bug manifests itself equally to Windows XP and Windows 7. As I said earlier, Eraser 5.8.2 did not have this error.
Thank you.
Why develop a version 5? It is better to create another version of that requires microsoft trojan horse dotnet. Another hole in the system, patches, one word -> kitsch :/