Error Message Regarding Cluster Tips - Please Help


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I'm a new Eraser user and hoping someone in this forum would be kind enough to help me out with an error message I'm receiving...

I have an external hard drive formatted in NTFS that I would like to sell. I want to make sure none of my data will be able to be recovered on this drive. I formatted the drive and then ran Eraser 6.0.6 with the default settings. Almost instantly an error message is produced in the task log that states -

" Error K:\System Volume Information did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: Access to the path 'K:\System Volume Information' is denied"

It does appear that the whole erasing process takes place - if I double click on the task it displays "erasing unused space" and this appears to finish ok but I'm concerned with the message regarding cluster tips not being erased. I do have "wipe cluster tips" turned on.

I did some searching around this forum and this link makes it sound that not having the cluster tips deleted could mean my data could still be accessed - or am I ok because the message is only referring to the System Volume Info. only?

Would really appreciate any helpful replies - :) Thanks
The System Volume Information folder is used for System Restore and Volume Shadow Copies, both storing copies of files on your drive. In this case, you've already formatted the drive so in my opinion not being able to erase the cluster tips of that folder is fine. If you want even more security, disable System Restore for that drive and repeat the erasure.