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Have just downloaded eraser 6.08.went to update received following error message
Value of _3884000 is not valid for value. Value should be between minimum and maximum Paramater name Value
Did Eraser appear to install correctly, or did this happen during installation? If it happened when you ran Eraser, at what point did it occur? And which version of the OS are you using? This information is needed for us to determine which part of your setup is giving trouble.

os win xp pro , it downloaded okay , the message came up when I went to the update. All else seem to be working but I cannot update
If I've understood correctly, you cannot successfully run the 6.0.8 installer. The first thing to try is a full uninstall of your existing version of Eraser, including the deletion of the Task List (details on how to do this are in the FAQ - try the 'Common Eraser Questions' topic). Then see if 6.0.8 will install. If it won't, we take things from there.

I uninstalled then downloaded again it installed okay I clicked on update got the same error message.
I have been using Eraser for a number of years now never had any problems till i updated to 6.08
Is your win xp fully updated? Service Pack 3?

Yes , I keep up my programs up to date and windows
could this be a regedit problem?? if that is not the problem then I will see if i can go back to the previous eraser if not i will look for something else
Thank you for your help
You seem to have a problem with your Windows Installer (which Eraser 6 uses). The latest download of the installer I can find is here.

Eraser 5 (which is no longer supported, but works OK with XP, and which does not use the Windows installer) is downloadable from SourceForge. If you install it, uninstall Eraser 6, and delete all references to Eraser you can find in the Registry first.

I got the same message after installing Ver 6.0.80 on my laptop using Windows 7 Ultimate. I opened Eraser and went to the drop down box to the right of "Help". I selected "check for updates" and the Eraser Updater popped up stating that it was "Checking for Updates". Within a second and Eraser error window popped up with a message as follows: Value of "-331600 is not valid for Value". "Value" should be between "minimum" and "maximum". Parameter name: Value

My windows is as up to date as an hour or 2 before the Eraser was installed.
"Check for updates" is just not working. I use a 6.1 build, and told Joel that it produced a server error message. I think Joel has fixed that error (in the 6.1 builds), but he has not yet published the build with the error corrected. is in any case the most recent stable release; 'check for updates' should produce the answer that there are none.

That said, thanks for posting your result; there has clearly been a misunderstanding between limey and myself; I thought he was having a problem installing, but if it is just the 'check for updates' issue, my advice is not to reinstall but to leave things as they are until Joel fixes the problem.

It's possible that the Eraser server may not be responding properly after the server was compromised. The static website is up ( on a separate host, but it's a rather "dumb" host in that it only serves html pages and some basic php scripts. It's possible that the install is misconfigured at the moment. I'll check, thanks for notifying.
I've got some of the problems there fixed, I'll wait for Garrett to chime in on the rest. Hopefully I can get it fixed within the next 1 day or so.