Error message


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Sorry to post this question, but I have read the forum and none of the replies correct my issue. When I run Eraser, it runs, appears to be working fine. When it completes I get this message, "Completed with errors". I am running it as admin, this occurs whether I am erasing my hard drive recycle bin or the recycle bin on externals. What does this message actually mean? Is my recycles being erased?


Well did it work? I have the same issue just uploaded and ran the the program (it took 5 hrs in default) then I realized I could change the parameters. But I get a''System Volume Information Did Not Have Its Cluster Tips e...'' then it is unreadable from that point on with no further info. So what is Cluster Tips? Howdaya get rid of 'em? the second go around I disabled my AV (Windows Security Essentials) So whatta ya suppose to do just keep running the thing or what. To me there should be a FAQ deal where it points out what to do in each case to have the thing run properly. Looking in your manual all it says " If you receive a message ''Completed with Errors'' then it did not function properly. Duh. C'mon y'all help me get to the bottom of this. I am trying to do a system image and they're not finishing properly and was told to run an erase program and here I am now I'm getting errors on this thing so I'm dead in the water.