Error on Windows 7 x64

kevin d

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Installed latest nightly build on Windows 7 x64 and get following error when rightclick on multiple files & choosing Erase :

Eraser Shell Extension
Tasks must contain at least one erasure target.

Also happens with single file.


Please could you specify which build? The numbers change so often!

Can you erase files normally by creating and running a task in the application window? Also, what happens when you erase the Recycle Bin contents from the context menu? It is normal for that particular task to complete 'with errors', by the way.

While I defer to Joel's greater knowledge, the error message suggests that the tasks are not being formed correctly. There can sometimes be problems with the Task List file, Task List.ersx, which is to be found in the Eraser 6 sub-folder of the folder pointed to by the environment variable %LOCALAPPDATA%; I have to describe it in that rather convoluted way, as the actual path varies from system to system. Note also that the folder is hidden; so, in Folder Options, you need to enable the viewing of system files. Once you have done this, change your Start Menu options (if you need to) to put the Run ... command on the Start menu, and in the Run box, just enter %LOCALAPPDATA% as if it were a command. The folder will then open in Explorer.

Having found the Task list, delete it, and log off and on again to restart the Eraser Process. While I cannot promise that this will fix the issue, it is worth trying as a diagnostic test. But if Joel tells you to do something different, do that first.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I was using nightly build I've uninstalled this one after error & installed build which seems to have fixed the problem for now...


Glad it's fixed.

Yes, and I believe there's r1843 which does have this fixed. If you're using a nightly build, please post in the Beta forum and always check for newer versions before reporting bugs.