error- semaphore timeout period has expired



When trying to erase a Nikon .nef file I got the following error “the semaphore timeout period has expired”.
Eraser 5.6a and Windows XP sp1a

What does this error message mean?

Thanks Dan
This sounds like a network error or a general access error.

I have seen this error in relation to SAMBA so I can only assume it is some sort of device/network error.

Do you get it after rebooting? Is the file stored on an external device or the local HD?

I'm getting this exact error when trying to Erase free space on an empty 8G SD card. Using Eraser

Retried several times and it always "runs" for a while before failing. The process leaves 1.26G free of a listed 7.4G total. All the space is taken up by Eraser temp files. No matter whether I leave the files or remove them, re-running the erase process leads to the same semaphore timeout error.

Maybe the SD card has a hardware fault; will try with another too. .... Yep this card has a defect, only about the first 6G of it work right. Tried with 2 other cards and Eraser is fine. Leaving all this info in the post in case others encounter this problem.
As far as I can determine, it is a system (rather than a program) error. It might be worth doing a disk check on the problem card, or moving the data elsewhere, formatting the card and then repeating the free space erase (though this should not be done to often, or it may shorten the card's life).

There are some disclaimers in the forum on the use of Eraser on flash media. You probably should read that.

Apart from that, if your memory card is already failing, chances are the erase won't be successful, and you'll get all sorts of weird things like that (it's usually Windows erroring out more than anything.)