Errors when erasing recycle bin


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I am new here. I could not find the answer I need in the forum, so here goes.

I started using Eraser a few months ago with no problem. Lately, however, when I try to erase the Recycle Bin in Windows Internet Explorer, I get the message "Complete with Errors." When I right click on Complete with Errors and click on View Task Log it says:

"The file C:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-2980927221-4253069708-2973696236-1001\$REZ8JCC.url could not be erased because the file's permissions prevent access to the file."

I have no idea what this file is or why "the file's permissions prevent access to the file." This doesn't sound like any file I created.

Could someone please help?

Thanks for getting back to me with the link. As suggested in the link you sent me, I am running Eraser as administrator. I do this by right clicking on the Eraser icon on my desktop and clicking on "run as administrator". I still get the "completed with errors" message when I try to erase the recycle bin.

Also, I have eraser set up to wash the unused disk space. When I try to run this, I immediately get the message:

"The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk. Run the program as an administrator and retry the operation."

Any ideas? Would it make sense to delete Eraser and download and install it again?
There's a second part in that post which you have not followed yet. Try that first.
You're right I missed the second part.

I am running Windows 7, but I managed to find the $recycle.bin file. Are you saying that if I delete this file, I will take care of a possibly corrupt recycle bin, AND I will still have a functioning recycle bin on my desktop? I am being cautious here as I am just a basic computer user.
Well, what's corrupt in the recycle bin can't be recovered, so those are as good as lost anyway.

The recycle bin you see on your desktop is actually a collection of $RECYCLE.BIN folders. So I don't really get what you mean by "functioning" recycle bin. If you mean that you can still send files to the recycle bin, yes.