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Are you familiar with Webroot's Window Washer and, if so, how does Eraser compare? Is Eraser a good substitute for Window Washer in terms of cleaning free space in your opinion? :?
Personally I have not used Window Washer so take what I say with a pinch of salt :)

Personally I would not pay for something like Window Washer when there are perfectly good and free solutions out there.
Window Washer provides a much larger range of features than Erase but with a little work you can get eraser to do pretty much all window washer can. Personally I think Window Washer is more comparable to CCleaner.

Windows Vista Compatible: eraser, ccleaner can do this. dban is OS independent.
Extensive Wash Areas: CCleaner can do this, eraser with some work can
Browser Activity Eraser: CCleaner can do this, eraser with some work can
Permanent Bleaching: CCleaner and eraser can do this
Free Space Cleaner: Eraser can do this
One-click Shredder: Erase can do this.
Critical File Protection You can set up file protection with CCleaner*
Smart Cookie Saver: CCleaner can do this
Flexible Washes: CCleaner can do this
Automatic Wash Cycles: CCLeaner and eraser can do this
Total System Erase: DBan can do this
Expert Customer Support: Support for ccleaner, dban and eraser provided by user forums.

*It is worth noting that while CCleaner can do this, eraser will not honour the protection.

As I've said before I've not used Window Washer but I've heard a number of reports of WW actually failing to securely erase files and leaving them to be easily recovered.

Ultimately I'd suggest saving your money and going the free route.