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Download the vCard splitter tool for splitting the vCard file instantly. The program of VCF file splitter helps you to split the VCF file in a correct and perfect manner. With the help of this advance solution of the vCard splitter solution, all users can split vCard file accurately.

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eSoftTools vCard Splitter Software is a powerful program to split the.VCF files to multiple small parts that help the user to reduce the size of large.VCF file with full surety and security. This software uses the unique procedure to spilled large vCard files without damaging inside saved data of the vCard file. This software has no limit of file size to split vCard file and it also offered to a seen preview of the splitting process.

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VCF Split and Merge Software is a reliable and top-notch utility to split and merge VCF/vCard files without altering the file contacts. The tool is efficiently designed to split large VCF or vCard files into multiple files and merge bulk VCF/vCard files into one. In addition, the utility maintains the data integrity of the contact's information after splitting or merging VCF files.
If you want to split your vCard (VCF) files then you should definitely go for the Address Book Manager tool by GainTools. This Software has the capability to add folders of vCard at once. It can convert single or multiple vCard files at once. You are provided with a feature to add a custom file location to your file. When it comes to data security it is very reliable software. It is compatible with windows 11 and all the previous windows versions. You can download the free trial version of the application from the official website for free and try your hands on the utility.

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Split vCard utility for a great division of VCF file. Any big-size vCard file can be loaded by the software to break into parts by the tool. It renders secure splitting of VCF files by keeping all contact details intact. There is no requirement for any additional program to use split VCF utility. It supports all versions of VCF and Windows. Download the freeware version for evaluation before buying the utility.

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Are you also getting the fuss about finding vCard Splitter Software on Google but didn't get the desired solution? Try the DataVare Address Book Manager Software. The app can simply divide the VCF file into small bits without losing a single file. There are users who have no need to install to download any further program to divide VCF files. Professional users and non-professional users can also make use of this tool to fragment VCF files. Get the free demo version of this app to learn more features and functions of the app.
To split vCard files and effectively manage contacts, BetaVare Address Book Manager provides a professional solution. This user-friendly software offers straightforward steps for dividing large vCard files into smaller ones, ensuring efficient organization of contact information. With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, users can easily select the desired vCard files they want to split based on their preferences or specific data fields. The software also enables users to set file size limits, facilitating the creation of manageable smaller files without losing any vital contact details.