Everytime I try to open ereaser, I receive message


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I just downloaded Eraser and when I try to open it, it shows a error message that Eraser has incured a problem and needs to shut down, and then a error message to be sent to microsoft. How can I avoid this and how do I get program to open
You probably have a corrupt Task List. Read the 'sticky' FAQ topic entitled 'Common Eraser Problems' for information on how to delete the Task List file. If that doesn't work, please tell us what versions of Eraser and Windows you are using, so that we can advise further.

Go to the topic I referred to in my last post. It's the 8th paragraph, and has a link to more detail.

Find the Eraser 6 folder in your windows user profile and delete it. It will be in different locations based on what version of windows you are using. This will clear out the errors and your tasks. If you want to back them up there is a file called Task List.ersx that you can make a copy of.