exe shows up as a ima file. What happened?


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I'm trying to burn DBAN to a cd-r, but when I open up the file, there is no .exe file, just DBAN_1_0_6_1386.IMA.
When I click on that, my computer asks me what program to use to open the file.

help! How do I burn the download cd with an .exe file?

Download the CD-R/CD-RW version of DBAN and burn the ISO file directly to blank media. Do not unpack the ISO file. Do not modify the ISO file. Do not change the default settings of your burning software.

The ZIP file contains only the floppy version of DBAN.
ok. I'm obviously not a rocket scientist here. I burned the download file directly to a cd, but I'm still getting just the iso file, and nothing else.
When I download from the web site, and i get the option to either save or open, I saved it, to a cd. but no luck.
can you help again? thanks!!