exFAT on USB 32BG drive

Please be specific. What does not work, and what error messages or log entries, if any, do you get?

There is quite a lengthy discussion on the use of Eraser on USB flash drives in the FAQ. It may be that whatever problems you are experiencing are the result of low-level wear levelling on the drive rather than the file system as such. On a USB flash drive, it is probable that Eraser will not work with individual files and folders because wear levelling will direct the Eraser writes to the wrong place), but that erasing free space will work.

If errors are visible, then Eraser may indeed be incompatible with exFAT. Only Joel will know whether, considering the wider issues associated with USB flash drives, it is actually worth adding exFAT support to Eraser. In any case, the best option with these drives, which are so easy to mislay, is to keep sensitive data on them encrypted at all times.

Three screenshots.

Img 1 ... info about USB, 32GB, exFAT.
Img 2 ... I want erase file - Ikaren.zip throught content menu /right mouse click/ -> file is NOT deleted, finished with Error
Img 3 ... detailed info about Error


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Well, that's pretty unambiguous! Thank you for posting the screen shots, in response to which I am afraid I have nothing to add to my previous responses. You could post a ticket in Trac to cover this issue; as I said, I don't know whether Joel will wish to take it on board. The highest priority now must be to get 6.2, as currently planned, to the stage at which it can be released, and I think that is still some months away.

For now I can stay with - Weeping "Unused disk space" witch works on HALF on this USB. So I understand that. Thank you.

EDIT: Alter weeping - Unused disk space I get following error.


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That's what I'd expect. Eraser can write the files required to wipe free space, but cannot clear the directory entries.

exFAT is a patented new filesystem from Microsoft. As such, reverse engineering will take a while before knowledge about its internals are available. Most documentation now points to a paper written by a Japanese scientist (can't remember his name exactly) and the only two legal implementations are the one for Windows and the one by Tuxera. As such, there is really not any amount of available information on exFAT and it would be risky to support it without knowing whether the data was really erased.