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Here is what i want to do:

1 - install the program silently (remote install capability is a plus)
2 - run it on the backround wiping all partitions and hdds except for the C: drive (or whatever that contains the OS)
3 - program will start automatically as a system process

a - first step upon succesful installation or after a restart/reboot is to perform a quick format of all drives EXCLUDING the one containing the OS
b - (also maybe the ability to automatically delete partitions)
c - after the quick format, program will start a basic wipe of the drives/partitions formatted
d - ability to wipe free disk space upon failure to completely finish the preceding wipe process (that is after the quick format, some sort of ability to resume its process of wiping)

NOTE: all these must be done silently, no GUI or user interaction whatsoever...

As of now it seem impossible to accomplish some of the processes so I'm kinda wonderin if you guys could suggest or give ideas as to how this can be realized.

Sounds a lot like you're attempting to turn Eraser into some kind of malware ("silent" , "remote" install, "no user interaction" etc.).

Care to clarify why you're wanting such capabilities? Pete
yup, sounds a bit scary if used by the wrong persons...

well, i was planning to use it on video editing workstations. wherein project files are saved in different partitions and drives, that's why i dont want to touch the system drive. all i really wanted to do is to clean up those large files created after a project. i really don't care about data security n stuff (although added security never hurts), just an automatic way of freeing up used space which is occupied by files i'll no longer need, without the need of selecting each drive and quick formatting it.

other capabilities like remote install and such are just pluses...more for ease and comfort. not on my priority that is...

use of it as a system process is so that everytime i boot my pc i have freshly formatted hdds..that's a fresh and clean start. want it running on the backgroud so as to avoid time wastage waiting for all the drives to be ready.

well, i don't know, if u think there is a better way or that what i want is far too dangerous well i respect your opinions.