Explorer/drag-and-drop functions not working


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This is a bit frustrating. Any attempts to erase a file through the right-click menu or dragging and dropping into the task list fails to work. The only way I can get something to erase is if I select a file using the new task menu, which only lets you select one file at a time.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it doesn't help. What could be wrong with the program?
What OS is your computer running? Also, what antivirus/firewall program are you running?

Is Eraser being run as an administrator?
To make clear the point implied by Joel's questions, the functions you are having difficulty with generally work (I know, because I use and test them frequently), so what we are trying to do is identify what issues in your installation or use of the program are causing your difficulties.

I have a couple of questions to add to Joel's:
  • Which version of Eraser are you using?
  • Is the Eraser entry present in the context menu?
  • What, exactly, do you mean by 'fails to work'? Does nothing at all happen, or do you get some kind of error message?
  • If you get a message, have you checked the 'Common Eraser Questions' sticky topic in the FAQ, to see if it is described there?

Thank you both for your replies.

OS: Windows 7
Anti-virus: MSE
Eraser version:

The Eraser entry is present in the context menu, and the program is being run as an administrator. Nothing happens when I try to erase files by right-clicking through the context menu option, nor by dragging and dropping files into the "Erase Schedule" portion of the program. There are no error messages.

The program functions beautifully when I create a new task and select a file to be deleted that way, but I'm unable to get it to function through other means.
Because there is a lot of confusion on the issue, please could I ask you to confirm that you are explicitly running the program 'as Administrator' (which you have to do each time you run it, unless you change the properties of the executable file, and you stop the the running Eraser process first, to ensure that also starts with administrative privileges), and not just from an account that has administrative privileges.

If you are indeed running as administrator, try a drag and drop erasure when not running as administrator. Drag and drop will not work between windows with different privilege levels; this is an obviously necessary security restriction of Windows.

Please could you also tell us whether the failed task ever appears in the task pane, or whether it remains in the pane after it fails to execute. Context menu and drag and drop tasks should appear in the pane when they are running, and then be deleted if they complete normally.

Also, in the settings pane, enable the Black Box plugin, save the settings and restart Eraser. It would be useful to know whether any kind of report is generated (though this is a long shot as Black Box is really a crash recorder).

There is also a work-around to try. Start a new task, and drag and drop multiple files on to the new task dialog. Those files should be added to the task (this is a 6.1 feature, and it does work in Build 2615 which I am currently using).