External Drive Question- Never used Eraser


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I have a 1TB external drive that I need to wipe and was considering using DBAN but I'm not sure if it fits my needs. I do NOT want to wipe my internal hard drive with my OS, etc...
Do you have the ability to select which drives you would like to clean with Eraser?
Does it support external drives?

Any other suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.

I replied on the DBAN forum before I saw this. IMO, Eraser is the right tool for this job. But if you're new to it, do read the 'Getting to Know Eraser 6' sticky topic in the FAQ. In particular, this will describe how to run Eraser as Administrator, which you will need to do for this job if you are using Vista or Win7.

Eraser only works on one drive at a time, and cannot erase the System Drive, as it runs under Windows. That's a limitation, but also a useful safety factor in your circumstances.