External hard drive support?


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Maybe I didn't read the FAQ's or Forums thoroughly enough but, I just can't seem to find the answer to whether or not Eraser 5.7/5.82 can wipe External hard drives, be it USB, FireWire, or eSATA interfaces.
I don't know if this matters but, I have a 2.5" external drive--can it be wiped like internal desktop drives?

If it can, then would it be possible to wipe the hard drive while in Windows mode, or would I have to do it by DOS mode? And how would I go about deleting the windows memory files (the one that Eraser cannot erase without disabling something)?

Also, is version 5.82 a beta or final?

Yes, eraser will perform the same on an external hard drive as it would on an internal one.

You will be able to wipe free space or files in Windows no need for DOS. Regarding the "windows memory" files, assuming you have one set up on the external hard drive you will need to wipe it in DOS mode as Windows will have locked it. There will not be a memory file unless you specifically set on up on that drive thought.

5.82 is final
5.83 is beta
external in DOS? Win 2003?


So, I want to make sure if the external hard drive can be detected if I shut down Windows and rebooted in DOS mode. If I want to clean the Windows swap files, I would need to reboot to DOS, but how would DOS read a USB/FireWire/eSATA plugged in drive?

Also, are there users that have reported this program to work under Windows Server 2003? I have Enterprise Edition, R2 on one of my computers...
Shouldn't it work under Windows if I click on the program's Properties and check the "Run in compatibility with (Windows XP)"? But how would it work under WS 2003's DOS (if it's different from WinXP's DOS, that is)?
How to go to DOS under Windows 2003

So, adding to that previous question,
how do I go to DOS mode in Windows 2003?