Failed to delete files; Not enough space on the disk


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Just recently eraser hasn't been deleting certain files. I receive a lack of disk space error after putting the files in the recycle bin and right click deleting. Most files are mp3s, pictures, and zip files... 198 files total and the list keeps getting bigger and it runs through the same file list every time I delete new files. I'm using version 5.86.1 and Vista Home Basic SP1 32 Bit.


Here's a couple of pics

How big are those files? Does doing a simple recycle bin emptying work?

They vary in size Joel, since they are mp3's, pictures, and zip files. And yes, a simple empty recycle bin works but as soon as I try using one of Erasers options the same problem occurs. The program attempts to delete the same list that failed to delete the previous time, which is why the list gets bigger each time. :x
Interesting problem.... does this have any resemblance to your problem?