Failed to Remove


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I've wrote a Batchfile wich should erase my uTorrent Folder and then shutdown. For some reason it woint work.

As I setup a clean Batchfile with only the one function to erase he tell me:

eraserD: Failed to remove [My Location]

This is my Script:

@echo off

SET DIRTOFOLDER="C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\USERNAME\Anwendungsdaten\uTorrent"

eraserd -folder %DIRTOFOLDER% -subfolders -passes 7 

(its a german XP-Version)

At first I thought its because of the living uTorrent Process maybe, but he still claims this Error even when I Taskkill the uTorrent.exe process.

I have Admin-Privileges on this Computer and can delete the Folder by manually go in the Explorer and hit DEL, so far so good.

What else can it be? Is there a extended error-report function to get more informations why he cant delete the folder?

Maybe I can build a FOR in the Batch and run thru the whole folder and say for each file eraserd -file but this isnt the best way at all.

Hope you can help.