Failure erasing video files


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Eraser 6.0.8.
Windows 7. HP 2000 notebook. AMD E-350 Processor. 1.6 GHz. 3 GB mem.
Attempted to erase an ".flv" file. Erasure failed.
Status message: Completed with errors.
Task log: "Error. The file [name] could not be erased because the file was eitiher compressed, encrypted or a sparse file."
Same error with an ".swf" file.
Uninstalled the program. Downloaded fresh copy. Installed. Same results.
I could've sworn I've successfully erased video files before.
Please help.
Most likely that's a sparse file. I know certain torrent clients would create sparse files instead of filling up the file first with zeroes. Eraser is unable to erase such files.