Failure to erase files


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My accounts program, Quickbooks, creates a temp configuration file eg klzy0b29y9f7q5js75vtj.qba.nd. No system, hidden, or read-only bits are set as shown by WIndows Explorer, but if I open it in a text editor eg Editpad it is reported as read-only or in-use; Unlocker reports it as not locked.

Eraser won't touch them, but a simple push of the delete key will do so. If I change the name, it makes no difference, BUT if deleted into the Recycle Bin, Eraser will erase the recycle bin with such a file in it.

I am mystified.
This is unlikely but possible. It involves the way Windows deal with file streams and how certain program do file access. If Eraser refuses the erase it then I suggest you do not try to force it to. You'll only end up corrupting the file (and/or crashing the program)