Fat32 filesystem question


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I have used Eraser for some time now and its a really nice product. It might be this question is really about Fat32 and not specifically Eraser, but I rely upon the knowledge here for clarity.

Example: I have a 1 TB usb external which has two partitions on it. One is 100 Gig of Fat32 and the other is 900 Gig completely encrypted using WDE/partition based encryption. There is no file system to mount on the 900 gig partition until at such time I open using a password, etc...

Here is my question. When I connect the usb (1 TB) to my usb port the external has that 100 Gig Fat32 partition on it. I know that Fat32 is non-logging and doesn't have the metadata, etc... of a NTFS filesystem.

Is there a connection log or records of any kind being stored on that 100 Gig partition filesystem from merely plugging in the disk? I use the 900 Gig about 98 percent of the time.

I am interested in hearing what you guys may think.