Fear re: warning NOT to erase Unused Disk Space w/Eraser.


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I'm new to Eraser 5.82, and recently used it to clean my C Drive's Unused Disk Space (which took ten hours!). Then, just today at "Gizmo's Technical Support Alert" website I read his warning: "Be aware that the current version of Eraser has a bug that is evident if you select the option to erase unused disk space. Stay well clear of that option as you may end up corrupting your drive"! His warning has scared the heck out of me! Do you know what "bug" he is talking about, and has whatever the "bug" is done something to "corrupt" my C drive? As far as I can tell, everything is still operating just fine--but I'm not much of a computer "geek", so probably wouldn't be able to tell anyway. Can anyone tell me what he's talking about, or at least reassure me that I haven't gotten myself into some sort of disaster? Thanks! :(
The problem referred to was eliminated in the new version of Eraser you're using. Pete
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Thanks, spy1! Now I can take the hangman's rope down from the ceiling rafter! :D
yup, version 5.82 is sound, it works a treat - the problems the earlier versions of 5.8 had has been sorted and now it works fine.

There's no need for anyone to worry if they have the latest build (v5.82).