Feature Request: Add Task to allow path entry and wildcards



The current GUI form for adding a folder to a schedule is unusable for adding:
* Folders that don't yet exist
* Manually entering the path to a directory
* Folders with a wildcard

These would be useful to start multiple erasings of cache directory forests.
For example, the content.IE5/1*, content.IE5/2*, content.IE5/3*, ...

Currently, you are unable to "paste" in a "starting location" into the folder field. In fact you are unable to type anything into that field. You *must*
use the directory browser.

As a result of this, you are unable to enter a directory that does not exist at the time you are creating the schedule.

Because the directory must exist, wildcards are not allowed or resolved into multiple "temporary" tasks when the task is run.

Also, you must also "drill down" to very similar locations to add each entry to the schedule.

But these are minor wishlist items for an already great application.
I'll second those suggestions!
It is a pain to have to browse to everything when things like IE and Mozilla Histories lie a few folders deep. The wildcard support has also been an issue for me too.
Otherwise, great app!

Have you tried erasing the Mozilla history file for all profiles by using something like this
Just a thought, haven't tried it.