feature request: indent disks -> partitions -> volumes

When using the Select Data to Erase dialog for Drive/Partitions, it would be helpful to indent the list so it is visually clearer which items are disks, which partitions are on which disks, and which volumes are on which partitions. Currently the list order is correct but it takes visual parsing to detect which thing belongs to which thing. The idea is to visually nest disks with their partitions and partitions with their volumes.

Something like the following (use spaces where I show periods):

Hard disk 0 (931.51 GB)
.... Partition 1 (931.51 GB)
........ PicsAndVids (E:)
Hard disk 1 (465.76 GB)
.... Partition 1 (401.00 MB)
.... Partition 2 (464.93 GB)
........ SamsungSSD (C:)
.... Partition 3 (450.52 MB)
Hard disk 2 (372.61 GB)
.... Partition 1 (372.61 GB)
........ MaxtorUSB (G:)

I primarily use Eraser to format external USB drives. It is, of course, imperative to choose the correct hard disk in order to avoid catastrophe by accidentally formatting the wrong disk. I know my internal disks primarily by their volumes, e.g C: and E:. Visually identifying which disk contains which volumes lets me choose the proper disk to format and avoid choosing the wrong disk. To really be sure I'm selecting the right drive/partition I frequently need to open Windows' Disk Management tool in order to compare Eraser's sequential list of names and sizes with Disk Management's nested arrangement of the same names and sizes.

Thank you for considering of my request.